Stephanie Campbell - acupuncture and bodywork


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A branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture involves the application of tiny single-use needles to specific points on the body. How the needles feel varies from person to person, but they should not be uncomfortable. The premise of Acupuncture is that Qi (vital energy) flows through the channels of the body. When Qi is blocked or deficient, pain, discomfort or disharmony is felt.

The scope of practice of acupuncture includes any combination of tu-ina (Chinese massage), needles, cupping, moxa and gua sha.  Acupuncture rebalances the body and ensures the smooth flow of Qi. This therapy can be effective for a wide variety of complaints. Acupuncture has been shown to relieve muscle tension and pain, encourage natural healing, improve mood and energy, and generally improve the function of areas of the body where it is applied. Acupuncture is indicated for treatment of all types of pain, headaches, insomnia, digestive complaints, menstrual problems, coughs and colds, as well as addictions.